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I need to write my CV for Haiqing also for every one else i want to apply to. So i should start here by making a list. Any one who wants to add just add



This will change from application to application


  • University of New Mexico
    • December 2010
    • PhD
    • GPA 3.61
      • right now but after Koch gives me an A for my last term this'll raise a bit
    • Dissertation Title: I'm not sure what this will be right now
  • State University of New York at Albany
    • May 2006
    • Bachelor of Science in Physics
    • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
      • I am not sure how to actually write that
    • GPA 3.8
      • Summa Cum Laude

Patents and Papers

  1. Patent disclosure for "Shotgun DNA Mapping."
    Herskowitz LJ and Koch SJ. not sure how to write this out
  2. tracking paper pending
  3. kinesin model pending
  4. Herskowitz, L. J., Koch, S. J. "An open source LABVIEW platform for simulating image series of fluorescent microtubules in gliding assays." Nature Preceedings. 2010
  5. Heskowitz, L. J., Salvagno, A. L., Le, L. N., Maloney, R. A., Koch, S. J. "Proof of principle for shotgun DNA mapping by unzipping." Nature Preceedings. 2009
  6. andy's kinesin paper pending

do i need to put summaries on this?


  1. Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Molecular Motors
    • Santa Fe, NM, May 19-22 2010
    • Sponsored by Center for Nonlinear Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • "Open Source Kinesin-1 Stochastic Simulation and Gliding Assay Tracking Software."
      • Invited presentation
      • won travel grant
  2. 54th Annual Biophysics Conference
    • San Francisco, CA, February 19-24 2010
    • Sponsored by the Biophysical Society
    • "Open-Source Stochastic Simulation for Modeling Kinesin-1 Kinetics"
  3. 53rd Annual Biophysics Conference
    • Boston, MA February 28 - March 4 2009
    • Sponsored by the Biophysical Society
    • "Proof of Principle for Shotgun DNA Mapping by Unzipping"

Should i put the igert posters at the symposium?

Fellowships and Awards


  1. INCBN IGERT fellow
    • 2007-2009
  2. Best Teaching Assistant 2006-2007
  3. won GRD grant
    • $3,000
  4. Travel Grant for Santa Fe conference

I don't know how to present this stuff


Hey Koch, if you have my resume from when i applied to grad school this will be helpful to fill this in

  1. Scholarship

Computer Programming Skills

  1. Expert in labview programming
    • Created many top level VIs for data acquisition, data analysis, and theoretical modeling.
  2. Statistical Analysis
    • Skilled in Data Analysis especially smoothing data and kernel density estimation theory
    • Skilled in Markov Chain Theory for modeling purposes
    • Skilled in Monte Carlo techniques for modeling purposes
  3. Skilled in automating processes
    • I need to write this better
  4. Skilled in image processing including writing custom single particle tracking software, image acquisition from a microscope camera, and motion detection camera software
  5. Beginner in C++ and Python

Teaching Experience

  1. Tutor at SUNY Albany for a buncha years
  2. one semester as small group for Ordinary Differential Equations class
  3. TA for Judaic History Class at SUNY Albany
    • responsibilities included preparing lecture plan, teaching classes, grading papers, and keeping records (attendance and grades)
  4. TA for two semesters for physics lab at UNM
    • won TA of the year award
    • responsibilities included setting up lab equipment, grading papers, and keeping records
    • also ran study groups for students
  5. taught a class for Dr. Koch in 200?

i don't need this but i figured i'd put this down here

Volunteer Experience

Science Fair judging, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Blood Donor, and we showed that high school class once our lab


Softball; Basketball; Weight Lifting Do i need to put things from undergrad, koch?

Alright what else have i done?

I didn't mention Kramer's theory at all