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See also Wikipedia:Recent changes patrol

Adds a box in the sidebar that uses AJAX to update a list of recent changes every 5 seconds.

You can enable or disable it using the provided link. The default is for the box to be disabled. The setting is stored in a session cookie (setting is lost when you close your browser). The cookie is called 'rcp_show_box'.

This works really well with WP:TW which has tabs for things like reversion.

It's almost an exact clone of NewPagePatroller. View the source. It's probably rather shocking... User:TheJosh/Scripts/RecentChangesPatrol.js

If you click on a link it now goes to the most recent diff rather than the page itself. Much more useful.


To install, add the following to your monobook.js (or other skin js if you use it):



This box has three settings. To use a setting, place the setting variable underneath the importScript line.

The default behavior of the box (enabled or disabled) if no cookie is set
Default: true
Possible values: true or false
Example: rcp_enabled = false; To make the box not show by default
The number of pages to show in the box
Default: 10
Possible values: Any number between 1 and 50
Example: rcp_num_pages = 5; To make the box show 5 links at a time
The refresh rate of the box, in seconds. Decimals allowed
Default: 5
Possible values: Any number above 2 (to not put too much strain on the servers)
Example: rcp_refresh = 10; To make the box refresh every 10 seconds.


This script has been known to work on:

Other versions of these browsers, or in fact other browsers may work, as long as the browser supports AJAX.

I have only tested it on the default Monobook skin.

Thanks to jonny-mt for the Camino test.