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Sarah Connolly Group 2

Day 1: 1/15/14 Location: Tree area near the seminary Topography: On a steep hill, with thick ground vegetation. Located in proximity to a brick building in the seminary.

Abiotic components: Breeze slightly blocked by hill. Building outside of the marked area impacts the wind and water available to the root systems of the trees. There was some discarded wrapped strewn within the leaves.

Biotic components: Thick ivy on the ground, soil, pebbles, rotting leaves from surrounding trees. One pine tree, one sycamore tree and one holly tree. All were quite old due to the thickness of their stumps, though the holly was thinnest. There was a small stump, recently cut, behind the large sycamore tree. Full canopies on the holly and pine trees, while the birch was missing several branches and had no leaves. There were squirrels and birds in the branches, and evidence of deer based upon dropping that Laina pointed out. Pictures taken: IMG 3849.jpg