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Stewart A. Morley

Stewart A. Morley

Contact Info

I work in Dr. Prince's lab and Dr. Lamb's lab at Brigham Young University. I learned about OpenWetWare through Dr. Prince., and I've joined to become an integrated member of his lab team and to have more available online resources.


BS in Biochemistry, expected graduation April 2013

Research interests

My first and current research position at BYU was working with Dr. Lamb studying large molecules called macrocycles. Currently we are working with cucurbit[6]uril and we are trying to figure out how it can be applied in polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs) as well as ion chromatography columns.

I recently joined Dr. Prince's research team and am excited to begin proteomics research. We will be using a new technique that analyses all proteins present in a cell at the same time allowing us to tweak only one and measure the changes that it makes.


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