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Bill Flanagan suggested sending a Whitman's Sampler in condolences to my family for their missing or insane husband / father. I had to look up what this is. The evidence I found around the internet indicates this is a kind of famous boxed chocolate that I didn't know about due to being too busy watching pages.

By uploading the image, creating this page, and doing something else, I am now watching 3 more pages. BTW: The secret to my huge page watching list is most likely the feedback I give on my students' awesome lab reports in the Junior Lab course I host on OWW. Combined with the fact that I watch every page I edit. How can you not do that? Every edit is like a small part of me alive in a php database, and I don't even know what php is, so I should watch it, in my humble opinion (IMHO).

Thanks for the shout-out, Bill! Could you please send me a 5-year R01 grant along with the chocolate? (In grant writing delirium right now...)