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This page is for Physics 102 students from The University of New Mexico.

Slides about talents and hedgehog concept

Here are the slides from the end of May 7, 2009 lecture. If you were at the class, I think the slides will make sense and will remind you of the concepts. If you weren't there, they probably won't make sense. But you should still try the homework assignment below!

Final Homework Assignment

I'll post this on WebCT as well, but here is my last assignment for you...perhaps the most important!

1.  Reflect back on the semester and think about classes you had that you were most excited to attend and that you are most disappointed are ending.  Also think back on which classes you dreaded going to, and which classes you are glad are done.

2.  Which assignments (in all of your classes) did you most enjoy?  Writing assignments?  Group projects?  Problem sets?  Which did you most dislike?

3.  OK, Most importantly:  Spend some real time trying to figure out WHY you liked or disliked things in #1 and #2.  More than likely, the things you liked were utilizing your talents, and the things you disliked were not.  What are your talents?  What careers do you think will satisfy your "Hedgehog Concept" and allow you to be GREAT in life?  All of you have the potential to be GREAT in something, if you can succeed in finding out what that is (a really difficult task).  A lot of us will only be "good," which is OK, but being great may not be any harder if we can find the right path.  Here is a reminder of the the three pieces of being great:

A.  Finding something that you realistically can be the best in the world at.  Something that utilizes your talents, for sure.
B.  Finding something that you are deeply passionate about.  Again, you will tend to be passionate about things you are talented in.
C.  Something that is worth doing.  Something that pays real benefits: money, helping people, producing something valuable, etc.

See:  hedgehog concept

OK, Thank you all for a wonderful semester, good luck to everyone!

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