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Summary for the day

Steve Koch 02:36, 18 June 2009 (EDT): I think I am very close to ironing out the piezo problem. Overall, I think most or all of the big problems are solved, so that I think in a matter of several hours I could have the entire application working for our purposes:

  • A few modules that we'll need working:
    • Find Tether Center Piezo
    • Piezo Ramp
    • Hold and Take Data Piezo

Overall, I have not changed anything about data format, which will be great for data conversion purposes. However, this means there is lots of leftover legacy issues, not the least of which is recording position in "MHz" units, as a legacy of using the AOD. This may be an easy fix, but it requires a global understanding of everything from data acquisition to data conversion, and I am not likely to get to that point anytime soon.

To Do:

  • Make sure piezo and other new settings are stored to INI files.


/How to convert strings to channel variants

Steve Koch 22:53, 17 June 2009 (EDT): Oh man, I am having big mental blocks about how to proceed with the software. I think one thing that will help is getting rid of many of the modules that we won't use initially. This includes anything non-piezo, basically. I am renaming the file Feedback96-main_mx and am going to delete many of the modules.

I used the working 6.1 version to look at a file I had from 2003. These are the modules I had programed in:

  • (unchecked) Hold & Take Data, control bitfield = 0
  • Piezo Hold & Take Data, control bitfield = 0
  • Create offset array, control bitfield = 0, string 10
  • Find Tether Center Piezo, control bitfield = 0
  • Velocity Clamp Piezo, control bitfield = 8000....
  • (unchecked) Await footswitch, control bitfield = 8000....
  • (unchecked) Velocity Clamp PiezoP, control bitfield = 8000....
  • Hold & Take Data,
  • Piezo Hold & Take Data,

This pretty much indicates which modules I'd need to keep.

OK, Lots of progress, time to take notes!

Steve Koch 01:23, 18 June 2009 (EDT): The big chunk of time (maybe 4 hours?) I just had allowed me to basically solve all of the piezo problems. I learned a lot about Daqmx too.

How to find bit resolution of ADC

Use a channel property node. This image shows for the ADC. It's similar for the DAC, just using an AO property instead of AI. They're the same, but to be safe, should read them separately. In general, I am trying to use Daqmx property nodes for reading and writing information, as opposed to manually recording the information. AO Precision.png

New Piezo cluster replaces the GOOP crap

New Piezo Info Cluster replaces GOOP.png New Piezo Initialization.png

Except, I am now going to delete the DAC precision, since it can be read with property node.

Using external reference is not working...will leave in cluster, but disable ability to use external voltage reference

Piezo Freq Sweep Compiles!

Steve Koch 02:06, 18 June 2009 (EDT): I think I have succeeded (except for possible bug or two) in removing all of the GOOP stuff and transitioning to DAQmx for the piezo stuff. Piezo Sweep Freq (likely our first feedback module to use, since we don't have amplitude modulation) now compiles. Here is a screenshot of the code: Piezo ramp compiling with new DAQmx piezo.png