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Steven J. Koch 22:22, 4 March 2009 (EST): I think at this point it makes sense to copy all of what I've done in "Piezo Hold and Take Data" to the other modules, while I remember the details. I'm going to give that a whirl, and I'm renaming things to _mx as I go. That may break something (renaming the modules), but in any case, learning how to fix that will remind me how to add modules in the first place. Have replicated changes in:

  • Piezo Hold and Take Data
  • Velocity Clamp Piezo (heavily used)
  • Loading rate clamp piezo (never worked)
  • Piezo force clamp
    • called by FTC piezo
  • Piezo find short tether center (I don't use)
  • etc.

Steven J. Koch 23:52, 4 March 2009 (EST):I'm not going to list all couple dozen of them. I decided to do even the ones I thought we'd end up not using, just because I'm good at upgrading right now.

  • Didn't upgrade power spectrum (interactive) -- doesn't use RLP
  • Same for "await footswitch"
  • Same for reset AODs

AOD Init Piezo needs work