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  • Aliquoted YOYO1 into 20 ul aliquots ... now stored at -20C
  • Making 10x YOYO1 stain:
    • 999 ul TE buffer (from Sandia)
    • 1 ul YOYO1 stock
    • covered tube partially with masking tape, is in drawer
  • Made working DNA solution
    • 88 ul TE buffer
    • 1 ul Taq
    • 1 ul lambda DNA stock (vortexed and heated by hand...was still very viscous)
    • 10 ul 10x YOYO solution (above)
    • Did not see any stretched out DNA, but PLENTY of DNA balled up in solution. Fading bad, but not too bad.
  • Adding 10 ul taq to the remaining about 75 ul of the above working solution.
    • The sample leaked (or probably I flowed it around the edge), so we made a new sample, and watched as we flowed in the new higher taq
    • Did not look any different than with less taq. Not proving anything, but best guess is that taq is not working like the RT was.