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HW Assignment due April 26 before class (email me when you're done)



  • Gain some experience figuring out how to analyze image series data. Probably only qualitatively, but quantitatively if you're adventurous.
  • Learn how to upload a figure to -- Micropublishing for Science 2.0 !
  • Contribute to science with the neat & new result you produced.


  1. Create an account at
  2. Watch the two movies you created during the field trip last week
  3. Make observations (like Sheng has already done)
  4. Come up with a hypothesis for why this may have happened
  5. Create either an annotated image (snapshot from the movie or an original image(s)) or annotated movie.
    • Create a figure (or movie) legend that describes what the annotated image or movie (or figure) is showing
  6. Upload your figure / movie / image to
    • The authors should be You and Andy Maloney. You can work in pairs but make sure both of you do substantial work.
    • Important Please help aggregate these figures on FigShare by doing two things:
      1. First, please link back to this page (and any other pages you see fit)
      2. Second, please add a common tag everyone can share (in addition to other tags you'd like to use). Let's use this tag:
      3. MTC2011Gliding