User:Steven J. Koch/2009 NSF CAREER

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To Do

  • Specific Aims
    • Group an "international" aim for protein-DNA interactions? (Lorenz + Neylon?)
  • Email program manager
    • Permission to publish technical proposal
    • Is budget guidance the same this year?
    • (This is sort of lame: I need to find the info elsewhere) Is this a resubmission? Can I change my title?
  • Email collaborators
    • Permission to publish technical proposal (not letters)
    • Draft letters for them
  • Email department chair
    • Once have outline of proposal & send him last year's letter
  • budget
    • First, sketch out what I need for research
    • Then, consider extra budget for new colloaboration (E.g. Mike for summer students visiting) (Cameron?) and open science activities (Noel; Second Life)