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Søren Hough

Current Position

I work as a Research Assistant in the laboratory of Professor Steve Jackson at the Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge. I conduct research on DNA damage response (DDR) and cancer using genome editing (CRISPR screens) and other molecular biology techniques under the supervision of Dr. Yaron Galanty. Our focus is primarily on ubiquitylation and SUMOylation and their role in DDR. This position is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Research Background

I began my research career with Henry Furneaux, PhD, at the age of 15. While learning the principles of wet lab work in the Furneaux Lab, I performed an in silico experiment testing for viral microRNA regulation of the BRCA1 tumor suppressor gene. I presented my research formally at the end of summer 2009 to the faculty of the University of Connecticut Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine.

In the summer of 2010 I worked in a lab at the Douglas Mental Health Institute through McGill University doing research on differential gene expression in the brain. My investigations were done under the supervision of Gilles Maussion, PhD, and Gustavo Turecki, MD, PhD, as a part of the McGill Group for Suicide Studies. The research team at the Turecki Lab was interested in monitoring the role epigenetics play in causing suicidal behavior. My project involved analyzing whether key genes involved in neuronal signaling were the target of microRNAs, methylation, and transcription factors.

In fall 2010, I worked as a student researcher in the developmental epigenetics laboratory of Jesse Mager, PhD, a one of twenty-three undergraduate participants in the CNS First-Year Research Experience. The Mager Lab group’s objective was to look at how epigenetic factors affected embryogenesis. Using methyl-sensitive PCR, I investigated potential methylation sites in the promoter regions of two interrelated genes known to be expressed in oocytes, but not in the surrounding granulosa cells. I presented my research formally at the end of the semester.

I completed my honors thesis on intracellular transport in the molecular biophysics laboratory of Jennifer Ross, PhD. My project was to design a DNA origami structure to serve as a programmable artificial cargo to test the effect of kinesin-1 binding location on transport efficiency.

Subsequently, I found a position working with Wen Xue, PhD, at UMass Medical School as a Laboratory Technician before receiving a promotion to Research Associate. I was responsible for cloning guides into plasmid and viral vectors; executing maxipreps; mammalian cell culture; performing Western blots, protein gels and DNA gels; maintaining and genotyping the mouse colony; and immunohistochemical staining.

I then worked as the Head Science Writer at Desktop Genetics. I was responsible for all written scientific content on the Resources and Blog pages at I also contributed to scientific papers written both by our company and in collaboration with research partners in academia and industry. I wrote for AddGene and presented at several institutions around the world, including EMBL Heidelberg, the University of Cambridge, the Technical University of Munich and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.


  • Microbiology, 2014, BS, Departmental Honors Scholar with Distinction, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Film Studies, 2014, Certificate, Honors Scholar with Distinction, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Research Interests

  1. CRISPR Technology and Application
  2. RNA Biology
  3. Biomedical Research
  4. microRNAs and Epigenetic Regulation of Disease
  5. Kinesin/Cytoskeleton/Super Resolution Microscopy


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