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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

About Me

  • I am a Bioengineering:Biotec student at University of California, San Diego Class of 2013
  • I have worked in the labs of Joseph Wang, Ratneshwar Lal, and Kun Zhang.
  • I am founder and president of the Triton Biomolecular Design Club at UCSD (2012-Present)
  • I strive to bring together a team of students, faculty and sponsors to implement a nanoscale machine and compete at International BIOMOD at Wyss, Harvard U.
  • I'm a little popular.
  • Personal Website


  1. UCSD BIOMOD 2012
  2. UCSD BIOMOD 2013

Research Interests


  1. Calit2 Poster Electrochemical DNA hybridization Biosensors
  2. Nanomechanical DNA devices
  3. Oligo paints for chromosome labeling (remember to insert website)