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Contact Info

Simao Soares (an artistic interpretation)

I am currently a Junior Researcher at Algoritmi Centre (non-related work to biology) and I am studying Bioinformatics at University of Minho. I've joined because to I want to share knowledge about open bioinformatics and systems biology.


Research interests

  1. Systems Biology
  2. Bioinformatics
  3. Open source


  1. Optimization of mutants in silico with integration of regulatory information
  2. Abstract: Flux balance analysis (FBA), as a constraints-based model, has been successfully used to predict cell growth and by-product secretion, but in situations with a dominant influence by regulatory effects these models predict incorrect solutions. Incorporating transcriptional regulatory information in FBA allow us to correct situations these problems and to reduce the solution space using linear optimization to all operations made in the model. The project aim is to develop a plug-in to the existent FBA optimization tool OptGene, bringing regulatory information as a Boolean network using the BoolAI tool to the FBA optimization.
  3. Keywords: Genetic regulatory network; Metabolic network; Metabolic flux analysis