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  • Took 1.5 mL sample from ctrl flask, centrifuged at 4C, 12k RPM. Froze sup. and peller in Ronen's box at Tsafi's.
  • In addition took an extra 10 mL of culture and froze in the fridge at Tsafi's.
  • Since M9 showed no growth, cultures were thrown out.
  • Next step: grow in MOPS minimal media - M9 must be too poor for this strain.

MOPS prep:

  • Prepared and froze 10x MOPS mixture.
  • Autoclaved 0.5 L DDW, K2HPO4 and glassware for expression.
  • booked incubator for 17°C for next monday.
    • Note: There is still a large stock of everything needed for MOPS - all I will have to do is make new 15NHCl4 solution.