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Contact Info

Sean D Colloms


  • 1991, PhD, University of Glasgow
  • 1987, BA, University of Cambridge

Research interests

  1. My lab at the University of Glasgow works on DNA transposition and site-specific recombination. These are DNA rearrangements that are catalysed by specific enzymes (transposases and site-specific recombinases) that recognise short DNA sequences, cleave the DNA backbone at these sequences, and then rejoin them in new configurations.
  • We are interested in the mechanism of site-specific recombination and transposition, and also their applications for Synthetic biology.
  • Together with William Brown (University of Nottingham), Oliver Ebenhoeh (University of Aberdeen / Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf), Susan Rosser (University of Edinburgh), Maggie Smith (University of Nottingham), Marshall Stark (University of Glasgow), I have a BBSRC strategic longer and larger grant to develop large serine recombinases for Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology

We refer to this technology as SIDR for Serine Integrase Directional Recombination. The specific use of SIDR for gene assembly is referred to as Serine Integrase Recombinational Assembly SIRA



  1. Paper pmid=24225316

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