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Rochester Institute of Technology

I am a student from the Rochester Institute of Technology working the lab of Dr. Paul Craig.

About me and my projects

I am a second year Bioinformatics major. I have been working on the various projects in this lab for the past year and have been developing a webpage, soon to be, that will be a home page for all the projecs. Currently, you can view our EZ-Viz project at EZ-Viz is a plugin for the molecular visualization software called PyMOL that allows users to utilize a series of clickable tabs and buttons instead of having to memorize a list of text commands and makes it easier to retrieve PDB files. Our latest development is called ProMOL and uses the same PyMOL software to determine catalytic sites of proteins. Our current project is titled Structural Biology Extensible Visualization Scripting Language (SBEVSL) and is aiming to create a single list of commands for all molecular visualization software, starting with PyMOL and RasMOL, that would allow a user to switch between programs and not have to learn a new list of commands.