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Building a force gauge

Due to the issues we ran into with the Chatillon TCD200, we decided on building our own force gauge. It will be composed of an FSR (force sensitive resistor) and a ADC (analog to digital converter). An FSR is a resistor that changes the amount of its resistance based on how much force or weight is applied to it. An ADC takes a continuous voltage or current signal and converts it to a digital number proportional to the signal being received. The ADC we will be using is a Data Q DI-194RS. It has a 10 bit resolution. Resolution indicates the number of values that can be produced from an analog range. Since ours is 10 bits, its resolution is 2^10, 1024 values.


Andy Maloney 13:54, 15 February 2012 (EST): I purchased this FSR:

I would recommend that you look up the data sheet and find some circuits online that you can model your design off of.