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First notebook post

The lab I am working for is participating in open notebook science. We were asked to create online lab notebooks, and were given two sites to choose from -- Wordpress and Openwetware. I chose Openwetware.


  • Openwetware (unlike Wordpress) is designed specifically for use as a lab notebook.
  • There are many ways to customize and format a personal notebook.
  • By using Openwetware for a lab notebook, I will be adding mine to a clearly defined, pre-existing directory of other lab notebooks at research institutions, making it easier for my notebook to be found by others who are interested in similar research.
  • The site seems more professional and scientific than Wordpress.


To the casual computer user, Openwetware may be a bit overwhelming.

  • The editing and publishing of posts in Openwetware is nowhere near as simple as that of Wordpress.
  • Unlike Wordpress or Tumblr, posting on Openwetware is not easily done through a cellphone browser or app.
  • The site's interface at first glance appears to be a cluttered mess of links and text, which might deter someone from clicking though them to get to a lab notebook.

Sarah Labianca 12:42, 8 February 2012 (EST):


Andy Maloney 20:01, 8 February 2012 (EST): Great job! I'm super excited about this. There are a couple of things that we need to discuss about OWW. First of, is the attempt to keep track of everything you do here. One extremely irritating the about OWW is that there is no clear way to keep track of the images you put here. I did figure out a way to dynamically link all the images you upload and I think it will behoove you to use it. We can talk a bit about it the next time you are in lab.

Also, cataloging your notebook entries on the beginning page of your notebook is going to get cumbersome. We can talk of ways to make templates for yourself and categories that are specifically used for you to keep track of what you do and to dynamically link them.

Again, this is awesome!

Spreadsheet Attempts

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