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  • still having problems with multiple citations of genes. Primers generally not cited ('putative), gene cited intext as accession and later/earlier as paper. For now, giving "credit" for accession citation, keeping the full text and making note of oddities in the note section.
  • what to do about biological material (strains) that are shared btwn institutions? Probably no
  • "Bio" data type character (maybe general biological data not of the above - corollary with E for earth - genearl physical data)
  • in molecECO, phylogenies but no reference to treebank. Does molec eco require depository with genbank but no treebase? Do they encourage genbank more? Are they directly affiliated with genbank but not treebase? What do most treebase datasets look like, es
  • probably collect author nationality (at least us or not), heather did this
  • ESA (or maybe amnat?) encourages software upload
  • does isi indicate open access in anyway? or just the journal...amnat = enote, sysbio unclear but i know has the option

QUESTIONS 10.1111/j.1365-294X.2009.04434.x ask heather about this situation….it's just gleaned from a paper which I don't think we're interested in, so I coded as "no" in data reuse, but it may count as data sharing (b/c supplementary), avg rate of evo (supplementary) "We used a series of ten previously published biogeographic calibrations for estimation of the average rate of evolution of the cichlid control region required for coalescent analyses of historical demography (Table S1, Supporting information; Genner et al. 2007a)." "Genner MJ, Seehausen O, Lunt DH et al. (2007a) Age of cichlids: New dates for ancient lake fish radiations. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 24, 1269–1282."