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Morning Breakout

  • Nic's data
    • Journal Fields of Interest
      • Data Management Plan YN
      • Date of Data Plan (management/sharing)--dates seem to be incorrecttis
      • Data Required
      • OA
      • Accession number required
      • Place of depository
    • Funders field of Interest
      • Funder of Journal Articles (Top Ten to 25 funders for my target journals)
      • Type
  • Overall advice
    • Column by column metadata
    • Google fusion tables
      • People can comment on data but not change it
      • Visualization capabilities
  • OWW discussion
    • Caveats on OWW and SS
      • credit
      • intentions, please be respectful of publication plans
      • undergoing QA/QC
      • link SS back to DataONE/OWW
  • we should make a list of what the plone is not doing
  • to try
    • Delicious
    • Connotea
    • CiteULike

Overall Wrapup

  • reminder about report: paragraph summary with headshot
  • reminder about midterm survey