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January 25, 2012

  • Today's research goals: take UV spectra of five samples of protoporphyrin (center of hemoglobin)

1. Iron 2. Magnanese 3. Cobalt 4. Nickel 5. Copper

- Add approx. 2 mg of respective sample to test tube: Iron- 2.7 mg Copper- 1.4 mg Nickel- 2.1 mg Manganese- 2.3 mg Cobalt- 1.9 mg

Samples were added to the solvent dimethyl formadide. 1000 nanometers of solvent were added to each sample.

Samples were too concentrated, so a dilution was performed added 1 mL of DMF to the previously made solution. Samples were then run through a UV spectrometer, and results were recorded.

Metal protoporphyrin.jpg