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  • Think like a chemist
  1. making solutions:
  • remember solubility rules
  • is solid hygroscopic ? NaOH solution better than solid.
  • mass based best: volumes change with Temperature etc
  • ppm = mg/kg for water density = 1
  • use balance
  • significant figures
  • can use hydrate but need to use hydrate's molar mass

for ICP fill with LCMS water -- least amount of ions

use plastic flasks for small, accurate ionic concentrations

To Do

  • Find a procedure template
  • Find link to calculate mass for each reagent
  • Find a glossary of techniques and equipment
  • Add MSDS link

Today's Task List

  • weighing boat weighs .54011 g
  • added 1 g of PVOH
  • boat with residues: .54242 g
  • PVOH mass: 1.54011 - .54242 g
  • added 500 microliters dialdehyde with 1000 microliter pipette
  • transferred to Teflon dish