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  • prepare gold hydroxide solutions
  • UV Vis solutions from oven (pH 5 amino acid solutions)
  • UV Vis gold hydroxide solutions
  • boil CO2 off water to neutralize it


We noticed that the gold hydroxide solutions from the previous week had changed color. Via UV -Vis, we noticed that Au NPs had formed.

Bottom line

We made gold hydroxide solutions and UV-Vised them immediately to determine the amount of gold available for AuNP formation, compared to the amount of Au potentially "locked" as AuOHxClx complex. With increasing pH, we expect the AuOHxClx complexes to increase in concentration, causing a shift in absorbance wavelength and decreasing intensity. The absorbance wavelength of HAuCl4 is found to be XXX, and a concentration of XXX corresponds to an intensity of XXX. With this data we can make a concentration to absorbance trendline.