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Conductivity of PVOH film

  • Conductivity of PVOH was measured by using Thermo Scientific and Orion Versa Star.
  • The probes were platinium,
  • The cell constant for Thermo Scientific was 0.479.
  • The cell constant for Orion Versa Star was 0.4663.
  • After placing the film between two columns, a solution containing 100 ppm Cl-, 100 ppm Br- and 100 ppm SO4-2(as Na+ salts, in to the left column. Place HPLC water to the right column.
  • Initial height for left column is 18.2 cm.
  • Initial height for right column is 18.7 cm.


  • Final height of each column was not recorded as there was a leak between the columns.

Time Left column Right column

t=0 730us/cm 10.25us/cm

5 min

t=1 730us/cm 10.49us/cm

5 min

t=2 730us/cm 10.49us/cm

15 min

t=3 730us/cm 10.57us/cm


t=4 731us/cm 10.65us/cm


t=5 731us/ cm 10.72us/cm


t=6 731us/cm 10.84us/cm


t=7 732us/cm 10.84us/ cm


t=8 732us/cm 10.90us/cm

  • The conductivity after a week was not recorded because of the leak. The leak also prevent measurement of final height of the solutions in the column.


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