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3 different procedures were made.

1)Synthesizing gold nanoparticles.

-A test tube with 1 ml of BSA,7 ml of water and 2 ml of chloroauric acid.(with this order) was prepared -The test tube was placed in to the oven which was at 80 degree celcius and took it out of the oven for 15 min every 30 minutes.

2)PCR continued

- 10ul of DNA and 2ul of the loading buffer was placed in to a PCR tubes.

-10 ul of the sample was loaded to the gel and was run.

3) Preparing Agar Plate

- 0.875 g LB, 0.7g agar and 35ml of H2O were added to the 200 ml flask.

-The flask was autoclaved.

-All the agar solution was placed in to a petri dish with addition of 35ul of antibiotics.

-DNA was transferred into cells.

   - The DNA was placed in to ice for 15min.
   - 35 ul of the cells and  5 ul of DNA were combined and incubated on ice for 30min. 
   - Then it is placed heat shocked at 42C for 30 sec.
   - Incubated on ice for 5 min.
   - 250ul of SOC media was added.
   -incubated for an hour at 37C.
   -100uL of cells were spread on Lb/agar plate.
   -The plate was then inverted and stored in a 37C oven overnight.


Synthesizing Gold nanoparticles

t=0min : clear solution

t=30 min : formation of bubbles and formation of the yellow cloud

t=60min :the size of the yellow cloud shrink and it has a darker greenish yellow color. The bubbles are still present however there are less of them.

t=90min :formation of a greenish yellow solid. The bubbles disappeared.

t=120min : the greenish yellow solid shrank more and it is splinted in to two pieces.

t=150min: same as at 120min

LB agar plate -No growth of cells


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