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Synthesizing Gold nanoparticles


Continue to the the experiment from yesterday. -The gel was destained.

-Synthesizing gold nanoparticles.

   -Two test tubes were prepared.
   -Test tube A had 1 ml of BSA and 9 ml of water
   -Test tube B had 1 ml of BSA, 2 ml of chloroauric acid and 7 ml of water.
   -Both test tubes were placed in to the oven which was at 70 degree celcius and took it out of the oven 
     for 10 min every 30 minutes.


  • Add data and results here...

t=0 ; both solutions are clear


       - Test tube A had some formation of bubbles.

       - Test tube B had more formation of bubbles.


        -Test tube A same as t=30 min

        -Test tube B formation of dark particles.


        -Test tube a was clear.

        -Test tube B was same as t=30 min.


        -Test tube A was clear

        -Test tube B was same as t=30 min.


        -Test tube A was clear

        -Test Tube B was same as t=30min


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