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The purpose of the experiment was to find out the fluorescence of the MBP at different concentrations. Additionally, the sensitivity of the new machine was determined.


  • Solution of MBP was made by using water as buffer. ( 990 uL of water+ 10 uL of MBP)
  • The MBP solution was placed in to the UV-Vis.
  • The absorbance vs molar absorptivity graph was produced by using excel.
  • The volume for different concentrations of Ru(bpy)phen and Acetonitrile was calculated in order to make 8 solutions of Ru(byp)phen and acetonitrile. Total volume of each solution was 3mL(concentrations of Ru(bpy)phen were 0uM, 5uM, 10uM, 15uM, 20uM, 25uM, 30uM, and 35uM)
  • Different concentrations were placed into 8 different test tubes.
  • Each concentration was poured into different cuvvettes which was placed to fluorometer.








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