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The purpose of the experiment is to synthesize gold nano particles by directly using bovine serum albumen (BSA).


-By combining mixtures of BSA (0.0015-0.015nanomoles) and HAuCl4 (0.24-1.0nanomoles) to 10 ml at room temperature , create a 10 ml aqueous solution.

-By placing the mixture into a thermostat bath which is at 80 degree Celsius, heat the mixture

-By using UV-vis Spectrophotometer, determine the values of the reaction at a specific range.


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The color of initial solution was colorless. After 30 min staying in a thermostat bath, the color changes into a pale yellow color. 60 mins after the beginning of reaction solution became colorless again and white particles appeared at the bottom of the test tube. 90 mins later the white particles were still present however their color become grayish. 120 mins later the particles were still present. The procedure was repeated until 150 mins and the particles still existed with a darker color.


For 0.0015 mM of BSA (MW of BSA= 66776 g/mol)

10 mL x 0.0015 mmol/L x 1L/1000 mL

= 0.015 mmol/1000

= 1.5 x 10^(-5) mol x 66776 g/mol

= 0.001 g BSA

For 0.25 mM of HAuCl4 (MW of HAuCl4 393.83g/mol)

10ml x 0.25 mmol/L x 1L/1000 mL

=0.0025 mmol/1000

= 2.5 x 10^(-6) mol x 393.83g/mol

= 0.000985 g HAuCl4

Aug31.absorbance wavelenght.png

Experiment 1 corrected absorbance at 550nm vs time.png


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