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Split groups into two categories; one will do FTIR, DSC, and XRD to get spectra for lysozyme AuNP fibers.


Using 5mL samples of fibers that we did in previous labs:

  • DSC
  1. Transfer fibers from 5mLsto falcon tubes using glass pipettes to avoid the fibers sticking to the sides
  2. Centrifuge samples down. Weigh the make sure the centrifuge is balanced. Centrifuged at 4000rpm for 5 mins
    1. Mass of falcon tube 1 with fibers: 15.9765g
    2. Mass of falcon tube 2 with fibers: 16.4043g
  3. Weigh pans and lids in order to input the weight on a computer.
  4. Into the pan, add 3mg of fibers
 mass of pan&lid 1: 0.0528g     weight w/fibers: 0.0030g
 mass of pan&lid 2: 0.0523g     weight w/fibers: 0.0033g
 mass of pan&lid 3: 0.0517g     weight w/lysozyme: 0.00354g

Matt Hartings See this lab entry of mine.


Graph 1. FTIRonLysozymeandAuFibers1.png

Graph 2. FTIRLysozymeandAuFibers2.png