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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

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 Pipette History.

Until recently I was the Managing Director of a well known pipette manufacturer with over 25 years experience in this field. I would like to contribute toward this site in terms of knowledge and use of liquid handling devices in laboratory applications and in doing so help scientists avoid any unnecessary test errors.

Pipettes, tips, robots and various other devices for handling pipettes are all used very frequently in applications and procedures and often taken for granted. They are however mechanical or electro-mechanical devices and are therefore need to be addressed as such. A poorly operating tool or incorrect handling can be often be the culprit if lab results are not returned as expected or if research results are erroneous or inconsistent.

I will be providing some basic guidelines for pipette selection (in association with consumables), correct handling and techniques for use of pipettes and some basic guidelines for calibration and maintenance.


  • Commercial background with a microbiology foundation.

Travelled extensively to many laboratories world-wide working with scientists to develop laboratory protocols for diagnostic testing, followed by commercialising liquid handling and diagnostic products in clinical, research and industrial sectors.

Over this period I became heavily involved in the pipetting business and was one of the forefathers of RSI promotion and the need for greater health & safety in the laboratory to protect scientists and their work.

Research interests

  1. Liquid Handling "Health & Safety" advances
  2. Advances in electronic laboratory device applications
  3. Web dissemination and sharing of information in science


Will be listed shortly.

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