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Contact Info

Richard A. Cordova (an artistic interpretation)

I am an undergraduate researcher in the Endy Lab at Stanford University. In the past I have studied disparate but intriguing topics, such as colorectal cancer and its detection using Quantum Dots and fluorescence microscopy, neovessel growth patterns during angiogenesis using time-series microscopy, and tardigrade biology/taxonomy using techniques and tools such as contrast and light microscopy. I am currently working to improve open-source robotics for laboratory automation as part of a group called RoboTeam.

I am also a co-president of Stanford's Biological Interdisciplinary Open Maker Environment (BIOME), a student group that supports independent undergraduate research projects that involve engineering with and for biology. BIOME organizes an annual biohackathon that attracts students, faculty researchers, and industry professionals looking to connect and create amazing projects.


  • B.S. Candidate in Bioengineering at Stanford University

Research interests

  1. Synthetic Biology
  2. Mechatronics and Automation
  3. DNA sequencing and synthesis
  4. Health and Medicine
  5. Bioart


  1. Quantum dots targeted to vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 as a contrast agent for the detection of colorectal cancer [Paper1]
  2. In vivo molecular imaging of colorectal cancer using quantum dots targeted to vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 and optical coherence tomography/laser-induced fluorescence dual-modality imaging [Paper2]
  3. Large-scale time series microscopy of neovessel growth during angiogenesis [Paper3]
  4. How to Find Tardigrades (Water Bears) in Your Own Backyard [Paper4]

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