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Attempt to make DSPC:DSPG (10:1) liposomes

DATE: 05/16/2012 Goal: Prepare DPPC liposomes to be incubated with rhIL-2. The following expt will be run.

[[ Materials and Methods:]] Materials Chloroform DPPC in chloroform 15ml tube Glass borisilicate tubes 100nm filters for extruder Filter supports (2) Extruder

Methods Thin film preparation 1. Work under hood when working with chloroform! 2. Rinse 10ml tube with chloroform. Do not need to dry b/c it will be evaporated later. 3. Add 1.1766ml DSPC (25mg/ml) in chloroform to tube. 4. Add 0.1223ml DSPG (25mg/ml) in chloroform to tube.

  • NOTE: This comes in a ‘snap’ vial, so I transferred it to another container. At first, I transferred it to two 2ml scintillation vials, but found the lids were not solvent safe (started to dissolve in chloroform), so I transferred it to one 20ml glass vial. Vacuumed it and wrapped in parafilm, then placed in freezer (4C).

5. Evaporate chloroform to forma thin film by applying vacuum. 6. Dry film completely by vacuum desiccation ~1hr.

          • Vacuum still takes way too long in the large glass vial (30ml). I even tried just blowing air on it. I will try to dry it overnight under the vacuum.***