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  1. Finalize lab procedures for synthesis of films and nanoparticles
  2. Create a semester plan for lab goals
  3. Citrate gold synthesis


Small ~5.0nm sized citrate gold synthesis

  1. 90mL of deionized water
  2. 1 mL of 1% weight HAuCl4
  3. Stirred with stir bar for one minute
  4. 2 mL of 38.8mM sodium citrate
    1. 0.1156g needed for 10mL of water
  5. Stirred for another minute
  6. 1mL of .075% weight of NaBH4
    1. 0.00365g needed for 5mL
  7. Mixed for 5 minutes
  8. Place in dish and leave to dry


  • 0.11929g of HAuCl4 used in 10 mL of water
    • Accounts of ~ 5mg of Au per 1mL of water
  • 0.11596g of Na citrate used for 10mL of water
  • 0.00356g of NaBH4 used for 5mL of Na Citrate Solution


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