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Make a column for column chromatography.


  1. Column Packing
    1. The column was made with a syringe with a stop cock at the bottom.
    2. We packed the column with glass wool and washed it with methanol to help keep it packed.
    3. A layer of sand made of rocks from outside (mortar and pestle) is added next
    4. A solution of 9.9999g of Silica in methanol was poured into the column.
      • One must wait until the column settles.
    5. The column was washed with deionized water until the column ran clear.
    6. 10mL of BPA and let it run into the layer of silica.
    7. 10mL of water was run through the column, and then 30mL of methanol were run into the column
      • These were divided into 8 5mL fractions.