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  • Finish the film synthesis from Friday, August 29
  • Start a new film synthesis
  • DSC analysis of soaked films
  • FTIR analysis of soaked films


  • Finish the film synthesis
  1. follow the protocol from Friday August 29th
  • Start new synthesis of Polymer and Polymer-clay films
  1. Using the synthesis method from Tuesday, August 26
    1. 1.0074g PVA, 0.1108g clay
    2. 1.0534g PVA
  • DSC
  1. weigh pan and cap separately, record weight
  2. weigh out approximately 0.3mg of each film
  3. place then into a pan, and seal cap over each
    1. 10 samples total
      1. 4 polymer films that have been soaked in 2ppm, 8ppm, 80ppm, and 200ppm
      2. 4 polymer-clay films that have been soaked in 2ppm, 8ppm, 80ppm, and 200ppm
      3. 1 plane polymer film soaking in water, and 1 plane polymer-clay films soaking in water
  4. Input data information into the computer program (weights, position, reference)
  5. Place prepared capped trays into the machine and run analysis

  • Tables of DSC preparation
Mass of Pan + Lid Mass of PVA + Clay + MG Concentration
0.05311 0.00312 2ppm
0.05234 0.00324 8ppm
0.05248 0.0042 80ppm
0.05213 0.00499 200ppm
Mass of Pan + Lid Mass of PVA + MG Concentration
0.05287 0.00385 2ppm
0.05269 0.00499 8ppm
0.05294 0.00316 80ppm
0.05285 0.00365 200pm
Mass of Pan + Lid Mass of PVA
0.0527 0.00572
Mass of Pan + Lid Mass of PVA + Clay
0.05248 0.0069


  • FTIR spectra

PVA film FTIR graph.PNG PVAC film FTIR graphs.PNG These graphs display the information received from IR spectroscopy.

  • DSC Spectra

PVAC DSC graph.PNG PVAC 200ppm DSC graph.PNG PVAC 80ppm DSC graph.PNG PVAC 8ppm DSC graph.PNG PVAC 2ppm DSC Graph.PNG PVA DSC graph.PNG PVA 200ppm DSC graph.PNG PVA 80ppm DSC graph.PNG PVA 8ppm DSC graph.PNG PVA 2ppm DSC graph.PNG