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Raúl Montañez
Raúl Montañez

Name: Raúl Montañez

Phone: +34 656491525


Organization: University of Málaga

Department: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

A hallmark of my scientific endeavors is a seamless blend of multidisciplinarity, encompassing a wide range of approaches and research areas, including rare disease, developmental biology, biomedical engineering, neurobiology, and ecology. I excel at striking a harmonious balance between experimental and theoretical approaches, enabling me to dissect complex problems with precision, develop mathematical models, design the most appropriate experiments, and meticulously compare results to identify discrepancies and refine both experiments and models. In 2010, I earned my Ph.D. in systems biology, solidifying my expertise with 11 publications that delve into the intricate complexities of metabolism. My postdoctoral training commenced at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology of Barcelona (CSIC-UPF), as a JAE-Doc, where I focused on the profound impact of microRNAs on insect metamorphosis, a fascinating and intricate developmental process. My subsequent postdoctoral stint at the Complex Systems Laboratory of Professor Ricard Solé (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) marked the start of my journey into synthetic biology and ecosystem engineering. This period was followed by two stimulating years at the CIBERER, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, I delved into various systems biology approaches to uncover genotypic-phenotypic associations with prognostic value in patients with rare diseases and explored alternative therapies for individuals with inherited metabolic disorders by manipulating their microbiome ecosystem. My research trajectory continued with a two-year engagement in a European FET-OPEN project on synthetic biology for bioremediation (H2020-FETOPEN-1-2016-2017-766975.), conducted at Pompeu Fabra University. In 2020, my scientific endeavors took me to Cádiz, where I joined the Perinatal Brain Injury group led by Dr. Isabel Benavente at the Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation of Cádiz. My work there revolves around investigating the biological and socioeconomic factors that determine adverse neurodevelopment in children born as very low-weight premature babies, as part of the PARENT initiative (MSCA-ITN-2020-956394). Additionally, I was actively involved in the project to characterize condensates in rare diseases by the health ministry of the Andalusian government (PI-0069-2022). I currently hold the esteemed position of Lecturer at the University of Malaga, where I supervise three doctoral theses in collaboration with the University of Cádiz. I have enriched my knowledge base throughout my career by undertaking research stays at the Center of Biological Sequences of the Technical University of Denmark and the Santa Fe Institute of New Mexico. Moreover, I have participated in numerous conferences and passionately engaged in scientific dissemination. My insatiable curiosity and unwavering commitment to lifelong learning drive me to continuously explore new frontiers and master cutting-edge experimental, computational, and educational techniques.