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Raúl Montañez
SynBIoMA Lab group leader

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Málaga University
Science Faculty
Málaga, CP:29071, Spain

raulemm (at) uma (dot) es

Hello, I am a researcher in the [SynbioMA] lab at Málaga University. Our lab is focused on rare diseases and cancer, applying the synthetic biology framework in orde to modify microbiome ecosystems to compensate inherited metabolic dysfunctions and explore tumour cells interdependencies.

Research Interests

  • Self organizing communities
  • Microbiome engineering
  • Tumoral cells collective behaviour
  • Inherited rare metabolic diseases
  • Complex biological systems


2010, PhD in systems biology by Málaga University


A detailed list of all my publications are available at google scholar

Raúl Montañez Publications