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Coffea arabica :: spatial structure of coffee plants :: metadata

  • GARU11 near plot GARU11.02
    • SFC, on a steep riverine slope, marginally suitable for coffee production, 15×10 m²
    • labels 11.n with n:1–81
  • GARU10
    • SPC, more or less flat, 10×10 m²
    • labels 10.n with n:1–58
  • Qacha
    • FC, in a plot owned by Abamecha Abadulesa, UTM 37N 205990E 860430N on the road, 15×15 m²
    • labels Q.n with n:1–91
  • Yukro
    • SFC, UTM37N 211410E 862380N on the road, 15×15 m²
    • labels R.n with n:1–42