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Kinetics and Dialysis


  • Make Au and ADA solutions with the ADA that was placed through dialysis two weeks ago
  • Run Completed ADA kinetic assay using Newfrac ADA


  • The contents of the dialysis pouches were collected in separate falcon tubes. The two samples of ADA that were run through the dialysis were Frac #2 and Frac #8 from 2012/09/26. We decided to made the new Au/ADA solutions using ADA frac # 8. We chose it because after New frac, it was the collected fraction that had the highest concentration of ADA present.
  • HAuCl4 made on October 17 was used for the solutions. 8.42mM HAuCl4 solution and 54μM ADA were used to prepare solutions with 1μM ADA and 25μM, 50μM, 75μM, 100μM, 125μM, 150μM, 175μM, and 200μM HAuCl4. Water was used as a solvent and enough was added for each solution to be 2mL. The amount of ADA used was kept constant at 55.19μL. The solutions were capped with tin foil and heated for 4 hours at 80oC.
  • Meanwhile we continued to run our ADA Kinetic Assay. We continued to monitor λ 235 but instead of correlating it with adenosine, we monitored the kinetics as the creation of inosine. Please see Mary's notebook for graphs of the spectra. in order to ensure that the absorbance remained below 1, we had to use half as much of the ADA


  • The Au/ADA solutions made on November 14 were run through the UV-Vis by Mike on Tuesday. Please see his notebook for details on procedure and more observations. The solutions did not produce any nano particle fibers and the no absorbance was detected in the UV-Vis.