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This page contains all the categories and pages regarding the work related to several research projects.


This page contains all the projects I did besides my core research area of Optics. I did a project for my wife who is interested in DNA sequencing and other projects related Arduino and LabVIEW.

pH-rocker for DNA-sequencing experiments

In one of the DNA-sequencing experiments based on change in pH difference due to release of proton per nuceotide added to DNA. There was considerable pH change in pH due to various factors out of which one was due to the pH-sensor position inside the well; sensor kept stable vs sensor moving in the well in circular motion gives different result. So I invented pH-rocker (the name was given by me)to move sensor in the well in stable circular motion, rest is discussed in the page link:[1]

Arduino based projects

Ardunio micro-controller is a powerful,versatile yet simple device which can automate and control other devices independently OR computer based. I have constructed many devices which can be controlled through Arduino using LabView; making Arduino work as NI-DAQ device. This category explains some of the work.