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June 16-17

Carried out extraction of phage DNA via the QIAGEN Lambda Kit based on an input of 5 mL of phage supernantant. Most of the steps in the given procedure worked well, though subtle changes such as microcentrifuge pre-cooling and resuspension in ethanol before buffer were noted. Agarose gel analysis was also carried out so as to confirm the success of the experiment. Various fractions collected throughout the extraction procedure were all precipitated in isopropanol and resuspended while the first fraction also required the previous purification via phenol/chloroform extraction. Ultimately, the gel bands corresponded with what was expected, thus ascertaining the hypothesis that this procedure can be used with success to obtain lambda DNA.

June 19

Used the Stratagene Gigapack III Gold Packaging Extract Kit to package lambda phage with Lambda Zap DNA used. The given procedure did not appear to need any changes and worked as expected.