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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Polly Yingshan Hsu

I am a graduate student in Stacey Harmer's Lab at University of California, Davis.


Research interests

  1. Circadian-regulated gene expression
  2. How plants respond to the surrounding environments



4. Polly Yingshan Hsu, Upendra K. Devisetty and Stacey L. Harmer. “Accurate timekeeping is controlled by a cycling activator in Arabidopsis. eLife (2013)

3. Polly Yingshan Hsu and Stacey L. Harmer. “Circadian phase has profound effects on differential expression analysis.” PLoS ONE. (2012)

2. Reetika Rawat, Nozomu Takahashi*, Polly Yingshan Hsu*, Matthew A. Jones, Jacob Schwartz, Michelle R. Salemi, Brett S. Phinney, and Stacey L. Harmer. “REVEILLE8 and PSEUDO-REPONSE REGULATOR5 form a negative feedback loop within the Arabidopsis circadian clock” PLoS Genetics. (2011) *contributed equally

1. Ying-Shan Hsu, Shiang-Jiun Chen, Chin-Mei Lee, and Ling-Long Kuo-Huang. “Anatomical characteristics of the secondary phloem in branches of Zelkova serrata Makino” Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. (2005)


1. Polly Yingshan Hsu and Stacey L. Harmer. “Global profiling of the circadian transcriptome using microarrays.” Methods in Molecular Biology. In press.

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