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Owwnotebook icon.png Structural analysis of phosphorylation sites

How to set up your local copy of the project

As it seems, there is no easy one-stop solution for scientific data sharing and collaboration. So we have to rely on a mix of different programs and services.


  1. Install subversion (svn)
  2. Install the Dropbox program
  3. Install the Zotero firefox plugin
  4. Install the Biskit library

Request membership

Send an e-mail to Pedro or Raik and ask for:

  • dropbox folder sharing
  • google code membership

Fetch data and code

1. checkout a fresh copy of the project folder

 svn checkout phospho3d

2. Link the shared data from the Dropbox into the project folder

 ln -s ~/Dropbox/phospho3d phospho3d/dat

Join the literature collection