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  • Today we ran solutions pH 8-12 for Arginine, cysteine, and glutamine

The graph above contains absorbance data for our arginine solutions of pH 8-14. The two solutions that accomplised nothing were pH 9, 10. Solutions of pH 8 and 11 had a higher absorbance than solutions of pH 4 and 7 from our previous lab, but still followed their exact trends and did not really have any remarkable peaks experienced. Solution of pH 12 did incredible, and was the highest absorbance by a large margin, peaking at around 580 nm. pH 13 had a peak absorbance higher than pH 4 and 7, which put it on par with pH 8 absorbance. pH 13's peak was much more defined. pH 14 was able to establish a significant peak as well, putting it on the same level as our pH 5 solution (tied for second best absorbance in the range of interest). pH 14 had a more isolated peak than what we had previously observed at pH 5.