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Amino Acid Stock Solution Preparation

  • Stock solutions were made for three amino acids: Arginine, Cystine, and Glutamine.

We tried to get them as close as similar as possible to our BSA stock of 50mM.

pH 7 buffer stock solution preparation

We recognized that we would be unable to keep any of our solutions anywhere near to pH 7 without using a buffer (as solution pH would jump from ~6-~8).

For 200 mLs of buffer: 0.0039 moles of Monobasic Sodium Phosphate x Molecular weight (156.01 g/mol) = 0.6084 g Monobasic 0.0061 moles of Dibasic Sodium Phosphate x molecular weight (141.96 g/mol) = 0.8660 g Dibasic

We wanted 50 mLs of buffer: 0.1521 g of monobasic was used 0.2165 g of dibasic was used.

The pH read very close to 7 (within 0.005)