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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Nripen S. Sharma (an artistic interpretation)


  • 2008, Post-doc, Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital/Shriner Burns Hospital for Children/Harvard University
  • 2007, PhD, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  • 2001, BS, Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly known as University Institute of Chemical Technology)

Research interests

  1. Stem Cell Bioengineering
  2. Metabolic Engineering
  3. Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering



  1. Paper1 pmid=21077107

In situ metabolic flux analysis to quantify the liver metabolic response to experimental burn injury.

  1. Paper2 pmid=20832525

Diluted blood reperfusion as a model for transplantation of ischemic rat livers: alanine aminotransferase is a direct indicator of viability.

  1. Paper3 pmid=20717889

Impact of co-culture on pancreatic differentiation of embryonic stem cells.

  1. Paper4 pmid=20528731

Retinal pigment epithelium differentiation of stem cells: current status and challenges.

  1. Paper5 pmid=20233948

Adipocyte-derived basement membrane extract with biological activity: applications in hepatocyte functional augmentation in vitro.

  1. Paper6 pmid=20092431

What came first: fully functional or metabolically mature liver?

  1. Paper7 pmid=19196121

Enrichment of hepatocyte-like cells with upregulated metabolic and differentiated function derived from embryonic stem cells using S-NitrosoAcetylPenicillamine.

  1. Paper8 pmid=19194923

Augmentation of EB-directed hepatocyte-specific function via collagen sandwich and SNAP.

  1. Paper9 pmid=19155970

Recovery of warm ischemic rat liver grafts by normothermic extracorporeal perfusion.

  1. Paper10 pmid=18266108

Functional modulation of ES-derived hepatocyte lineage cells via substrate compliance alteration.

  1. Paper11 pmid=17390383

Control of hepatic differentiation via cellular aggregation in an alginate microenvironment.

  1. Paper12 pmid=16604521

Sodium butyrate-treated embryonic stem cells yield hepatocyte-like cells expressing a glycolytic phenotype.

  1. Paper13 pmid=16180239

Novel quantitative tools for engineering analysis of hepatocyte cultures in bioartificial liver systems.

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