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Contact Info

  • Norman B. Best
  • Missouri University
  • Columbia, MO, USA

I am Post-Doc in the McSteen Lab at Missouri University. My research predominantly focuses on auxin regulation of maize architecture.


  • 2011-2017, PhD, Purdue University
  • 2011, BS, Purdue University

Research interests

My research interests include:
-hormonal regulation and response to control plant architecture
-hormone cross-talk
-forward and reverse genetics
-next-generation sequencing technologies

USDA-NIFA predoctoral Fellowship

Date: January 15, 2017
1.) Identify additional genes necessary for BR responses through a suppressor-enhancer screen of na2 and na1 mutants.
2.) Characterize the BR GA interaction that I previously discovered in maize.
3.) Test the hypothesis that SLs mediate the effect of BR and GA on branching.

CRIS Link[1]


Peer-Reviewed:<br\> 1. Best NB, Johal G, Dilkes BP. (2017) Phytohormone inhibitor treatments phenocopy brassinosteroid–gibberellin dwarf mutant interactions in maize. Plant Direct 1(2):1-18. [2]<br\> 2. Best NB, Hartwig T, Budka JS, Fujioka S, Johal GS, Schulz B, Dilkes BP. (2016) nana plant2 encodes a maize ortholog of the Arabidopsis brassinosteroid biosynthesis gene DWARF1, identifying developmental interactions between brassinosteroids and gibberellins. Plant Phys 171:2633-2647. [3]<br\> 3. Best NB, Wang X, Brittsan S, Dean E, Helfers SJ, Homburg R, Mobley ML, Spindler TL, Xie B, Zhang M, Hasegawa PM, Joly RJ, Rhodes R, Dilkes BP (2016) Sunflower 'Sunspot' is hyposensitive to GA and has a missense mutation in the DELLA motif of HaDELLA1. J of Amer Soc of Hort Sci 141:889-894. [4]<br\> 4. Best NB, Hartwig T, Budka JS, Bishop BJ, Brown E, Potluri DPV, Cooper BR, Premachandra GS, Johnston CS, Schulz B (2014) Soilless plant growth media influence the efficacy of phytohormones and phytohormone inhibitors. PLoS One 9(12):e107689 [5]<br\> 5. Addo-Quaye C, Buescher B, Best NB, Chaikam V, Baxter I, Dilkes BP (2016) Forward genetics by sequencing EMS variation induced inbred lines. G3 doi:10.1534/g3.116.02966. [6]<br\> 6. Hartwig T, Corvalan C, Best NB, Budka JS, Zhu JY, Choe S, Schulz B (2012) Propiconazole is a specific and accessible brassinosteroid biosynthesis inhibitor for Arabidopsis and maize. PLoS One 7(5):e36625. [7]<br\> Technical:<br\> 1. Best NB, Hartwig T, Budka JS, Schulz B, Weil C, Dilkes BP (2016) New nana plant1 (na1) allele. Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter Vol. 90 [8]<br\> 2. Best NB, Budka JS, Schulz B, Weil C, Dilkes BP (2014) New EMS-induced allele of terminal ear1 (te1) allele in the B73 background. Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter Vol. 88 [9]


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