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HCC-1187 CNI-96well

--> cells not adherent-- very few cells

HCC-1187 SS-15cm

--> cells not adherent-- very few cells --> counted less than 10^7/plate

BT-20 CNI-96well

  • finish and scan

HCC-38 CNI-96well

  • into primary Ab o/n

MCF7 SS-15cm

  • not adherent --> re-plate
  • yet cells in Mirra's incubator look much better
  • also cells in 96well plates look great

MCF7 CNI-96well

  • starve at 1pm
  • cells look good (much better than 15cm)

HCC-1569 SS-15cm

  • about 50% of the cells are not attached
  • return dishes to Mirra so she can re-plate them