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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Nidharshan Anandasivam (an artistic interpretation)

I work in the Bhatia Lab at MIT.


MIT Biological Engineering (BSE) Class of 2014

Research interests

  1. Tissue Engineering Approaches to Cancer Research
  2. Rational Drug Design and Development
  3. Metabolism

Useful links

Registration/Questionnaire: 20.109 Spring 2012

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First Name


Preferred name/nickname (if not first)



Biological Engineering Major Chemistry Minor

Year of Graduation


Telephone #




Preferred OH Time

After 5pm on Weekdays

Potentially Relevant Background

Have you taken/are you taking... Answer yes/no/when
7.05/5.07 (Biochemistry) Taken
7.06 (Cell Biology) Taking
7.03 (Genetics) Taken
5.310 (General Chemistry Lab) Not Taken

Do you have experience with... Answer yes/no/type
Cell culture (microbial/mammalian/yeast?) Yes, Mammalian
Molecular biology (electrophoresis, PCR, etc) Yes

Please briefly describe any previous laboratory experience

  • Effect of d-catenin on VE-cadherin and N-cadherin in Endothelial Cells (National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health)

Determined effects of overexpression and knockdown of d-catenin on the cadherins. Bioinformatics Project: Used the NCBI database and Python programming to compare human and mouse amino acid sequences for various proteins associated with inflammation and cancer.

  • Maintenance of Hepatocyte Phenotype in Tissue-Engineered Models (Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology)

Investigated effects of certain drugs on maintenance of the phenotype (measured using albumin secretion levels) of in vitro cultured hepatocytes.

  • Cancer Genetics Research (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Conducted Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH) on a genetically abnormal oligodendroglioma to confirm microarray results that detected amplification of certain genes on chromosome 7.

  • Cancer Genetics Research (Boston University Medical Campus)

Investigated four cancer genes to determine response to histone deacetylase and Azidothymidine drug treatments. Investigated gene methylation of Smad7 expressed cell lines in comparison to that of normal cell lines.

Anything else you would like us to know?

I look forward to exploring the principles of RNA, protein, and cellular engineering.

Commitment to academic integrity

After you print out this page, please sign your name under to the following statement to indicate your agreement:

I have read and understood the 20.109 statement on collaboration and integrity.